General terms and conditions

I. Preliminary remarks

Feratel Media Technologies AG (Feratel) acts as a broker of additional tourism services for customers (no finding of accommodation, transport services or rental cars). A contract for the use of additional tourism services is always concluded directly between the service provider of the additional tourism service and the customer (beneficiary). Based on these general terms and conditions, Feratel brokers the offered additional tourism services for customers.

II. Bookings

  1. 1. A booking can only be made online via the Feratel platform
  2. 2. Since Feratel is only a broker, each reservation made by the customer is forwarded to the relevant service provider as a declared offer. Conclusion of the contract occurs when Feratel sends the customer a corresponding confirmation of the reservation – this does not create any legal relationship between the customer and Feratel. Feratel does not provide any additional tourism services for which it takes direct responsibility. Thus only an agency accommodation request comes into being through the booking. The confirmation then creates a contractual relationship between the customer and the service provider of the additionally booked tourism service.
  3. 3. Brokerage by Feratel is free for the customer. The customer is prohibited from reselling the additional tourism service booked through Feratel acting as broker. Transfer of such additional tourism services may only be done with the consent of Feratel and under no circumstances at other prices.

III. Contract and payment

The contract for the respective additional tourism service comes into being after a reservation is confirmed directly between the customer and the chosen service provider. The services and prices mentioned by Feratel must be paid directly to the service provider. All legal effects stemming from the concluded contract with the service provider are therefore only effective between the customer (beneficiary) and the booked service provider.

IV. Booking guarantees and cancelations

  1. 1. In certain cases, your credit card information is requested as a booking guarantee, which can only be used by the service provider in the event of non-occurrence of the booked activity and only in relation to the pending cancellation regulations.

    In some cases, the provider may also require a prepayment to his/her bank account. In this case, the amount of the prepayment will be indicated in the offer description and in the booking confirmation.

    Cancellation conditions and required booking guarantees may vary per product and are listed in your booking confirmation.

    Regardless of whether the service provider requires a booking guarantee, the following cancellation rules apply:
    Cancellation 1 day before date of service: 100% of booking amount
    Cancellation 5 days before date of service: 30% of booking amount
    Cancellation 10 days before date of service: 20% of booking amount
    Cancellation before these days: no cancellation fees

  2. 2. With respect to a possible right of withdrawal, the statutory provisions and the general terms and conditions of the service provider serve as the basis of the contract between the service provider and the customer.

V. Prices

All prices are per person and service. The stated prices include VAT and all taxes. Special services are to be ordered and paid directly to the booked service provider, unless a package is offered in which services exceeding the mere provision of services are described.

VI. Limitation of liability

Feratel offers brokerage services for the customer free of charge. There is no contractual relationship between Feratel and the customer that goes beyond mere brokerage. All liability of Feratel for the conclusion of a contract with the service provider and the quality of services is expressly excluded. In addition, Feratel’s liability for slight negligence is generally excluded. Any damage for which Feratel still must compensate is limited to the amount of the fee for the booked service.

VII. Assignment of claims

The customer is not entitled to assign his claims that stem from the contract

VIII. Written form

Amendments and/or additions to these terms and conditions must be done in the written form to be valid. This applies in particular to the written form provision. Verbal agreements do not trigger legal consequences. Amendments, additions, confirmations and the termination of contracts or individual parts of a contract must be expressly designated as such and must be done in writing in order to be legally valid (fax transmission permitted), whereby the written form is also accorded to electronic media (email).

IX. Place of performance, jurisdiction and legal case

  1. 1. The place of performance for the services of Feratel is where the service provider is located. The place of performance for the services of the customer stems from the agreement with the service provider itself (GTCs)..
  2. 2. This agency contract is subject to Austrian formal and substantive law under exclusion of international private law (IPRG and EVÜ) as well as the UN sales law. Likewise, any conflict-of-law rules from substantive law are expressly excluded.
  3. 3. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is – inasmuch as no compelling provisions preclude this – the competent court in Innsbruck.

X. Legal notice

All the content and structure of the Feratel media technologies AG website are protected by copyright. Without our express consent, it is not permitted to copy or otherwise exploit our offer in whole or in part. No guarantees are given for the correctness and completeness of the information provided or the data taken over from other services. The information provided is not legally binding.

XI. Liability for links

Despite careful content control, we do assume not assume any liability for the content of external links. The providers of the pages are solely responsible for the content of the linked pages.

XII. Disclaimer

The site maintainer does not assume any responsibility for the up-to-datedness, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. The information offered is not legally binding. Liability for damage of any kind caused by the use or non-use of the information provided or by the use of incorrect or incomplete information is excluded.

In the case of direct or indirect references to external websites/hyperlinks, the site maintainer is only liable if he is aware of illegal content and it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent the use of the illegal content. The maintainer declares that at the time of linking, no illegal content was recognizable on the linked pages. The maintainer has no influence on the current and future design, the content or the authorship of the linked pages and therefore expressly dissociates himself from any unlawful content displayed there.

The content of the linked pages are the sole responsibility of their maintainers. This exclusion of liability (disclaimer) should be regarded as part of the Internet offer, from which the user was referred to this page. If sections or individual terms of this disclaimer do not, no longer or do not completely comply with the valid legal position, the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in their content and validity.

XIII. Final provisions

Feratel has compiled all the information with great care. We do not assume liability for any errors in data collection and transmission.